José Nuno Silva Amaro, known as Nuno!Zamaro, former Professional Football player, becomes an entrepreneur in 1998.
Founding partner of Ideiabiba, events company responsible for successes, "Kids on the Moon", the most internationally famous Portuguese project for children, and design "BUTE", winner of the National Mobility award in 2007. Developed the Victor Baía Foundation for his friend and fellow professional in 2003 and created the brand BKI CRUISERS, a bike design art concept which includes models developed for the Spanish Royal Family, among other distinguished foreign and Portuguese.
Responsible for the development of actions to promote VW / SIVA, including the creation of the VW lounge in Optimus Alive festival.

After Ideiabiba's sale creates WISE-U Creativity Fab Lab to form what really fascinates him, the creative development designed to enhance the idea leaving to the customer the opportunity to get the manufacturer that best preserves the concept and final production on their own budget.

Specialist in areas such as mobility, Soccer and Emotions, divides its activity between all of them, making sure the hard chores are achieved and looking like an easy task on other people's eyes, whether material or virtual. He is a mix of a dreamer and evil, still believes the best of life is for free, even if it is paid by somebody ... It stands as someone who is always on a learning process ... He is hired to sell dreams and ideas, although sometimes gives away some ideas ... ;)